This document is a brief introduction into the world of SQL programming and Oracle. The organization of the manual is geared specifically towards the SQL and Oracle environments here in the Department of Computers Science at the University of Regina. With this manual a programmer should be able to understand the fundamental aspects of programming in SQL and using the Oracle DBMS. It should be used as a hands-on guide -- as stated by Kernighan and Ritchie, "The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it." This is a fundamental truth of Computer Science.

However, sometimes it is handy to have some reference works. Following is a list of other sources of documentation for SQL and Oracle:

Oracle, The Complete Reference (Third Edition)

Author: George Koch & Kevin Loney

Publisher: Oracle Press/Osbourne-McGraw Hill

ISBN: 0-07-882097-9

Lan Times Guide To SQL

Author: James R. Groff & Paul N. Weinberg

Publisher: Osbourne-McGraw Hill

ISBN: 0-07-882026-X

Programmer's Guide To The Oracle Precompilers

Author: Oracle

Publisher: Oracle Press

There also exists a set of on-line documentation. This is viewable by using the program "oradocm". It is a Motif-based application so should be viewed from an X-Windows capable computer, such as the workstations in CL 136. There is also a text-based viewer, "oradoc", which can be used from a regular xterm.