June 1995

ALL the 'html' files in this manual are converted from the original 'MS Word' files. Please refer to chapter 0 Preface for information about the authors of the manual.

Thanks to Takis Skagos, who found the program 'rtftohtml2.7.5' after investigated many programs and wrote a description about the procedures to convert the files. He did an excellent job in the preparation for the conversion.

Thanks to John Rosloot, who is the first one to test the pages and advice me of some problems in it. He also helped me by providing his excellent Macintosh expertise.

Thanks to Pauline Van Havere, who always is ready to offer her help.

Thanks to Dean Holroyd, who gave much help in checking the converted files. He also helped in finding methods to solve some of the problems in the conversion.

Thanks to Mark Haidl, who helped in choosing a proper location and created the directory for the files.

Finally, I would like to give my thanks to all those who have helped or will help to improve this manual.

Enjoy using the on_line manuals!

					Zhiwei Wang
					Lab Instructor
					Department of Computer Science
					University of Regina