CS110 Lab Information - Winter 2018

Class Instructors:

Lab Instructors:

Important Locations:

Lab Related Information:

  1. Lab is complementary to the classroom teaching. Lab emphasizes practical hands-on experience.
  2. Lab material is online: CS110 Lab Material. Please read the corresponding lab material before coming to the lab.
  3. The lab mark will be 10% of your CS110 final mark.
    5% of it is for the lab attendance and in-lab performance, and the other 5% is for the final lab test.
  4. In-lab assignments should be finished and demonstrated within the lab period (1 hour and 50 minutes).
  5. For the situation of a late submission or submissions in the wrong lab section without a valid reason, you will lose mark.
  6. If you cannot attend your regular lab section due to illness, interviews, funerals, etc, let your lab instructor know prior to (or on the same day of) the lab. Arrangements can be made.
  7. Marking Scheme for Weekly in-lab Activities in the Semester:
        Punctual Attendance        -    1  mark
        In-lab Performance         -    4  marks
        Total Mark for each lab    -    5  marks

Lab Test Information:

Per Computer Science department policy, all exams are "closed book," with no additional material permitted. You will be allowed the use of nonprogrammable calculators. Coats, hats, books, pencil cases, and all other personal items shall be left at the front of the room during examination periods. Cell phones, watches, and all other electronic devices shall be put in a clear plastic bag and placed under your seat. Cell phones and all other wireless devices must be turned off. Any student violating these rules may be charged with academic misconduct.

The instructor reserves the right to organize student seating during examinations.

Academic Conduct:

Cheating will not be tolerated. Co-operation on programming assignments is generally encouraged, but it must be limited to verbal discussion of concepts not the sharing of program code or written documentation. For example, if you are given an assignment on interpolation, you may legitimately discuss how interpolation techniques work and how arrays are used in C++, but you must not share any code from the solution. Any close resemblances in the submitted code will be assumed to be the result of cheating. Copying of assignments is plagiarism. Allowing your assignments to be copied will be treated the same as copying. You are not allowed to work in groups on the assignments without explicit permission from the instructor, as with group projects. The consequence of plagiarism or any other form of cheeating may range from a zero grade, to failure in the class, to expulsion from the university. Please note that the dean of the faculty will be informed of any such incident, as per university regulations. Refer to the section on Academic Miscononduct and Penalties in the General University Calendar (also the Office of the President).

Marking Complaints:

If you have any complaint about marking, please submit your complaint on paper or via email directly to the instructor (never to the marker).  Explain which course component you want investigated, your current mark, and the perceived problem with the marking.