Accessing Hercules from a Mac

Command-Line Interfaces

Hercules is a UNIX server locked away in the university's server room in the Administration building. It's operating system is a distant cousin to Mac OS X. If you could get to it physically, you'd find it had a nice graphical user interface and that you could work with it almost like the desktop computers you use everyday. You can't though. First, it's meant for dozens of people to use at once. Second, it's locked up. Instead, the easiest thing to do is to connect to it with a text based terminal emulator and make it do things with its command-line interface.

The Mac Command-Line

All computers have a command-line interface. Mac OS X has one almost exactly like the one Hercules has. Try this on your Mac if you own one:

Don't worry. You don't have to learn how that command works for this class. If you're interested though, you can learn BASH programming online.

Connecting to Hercules's Command-Line

Everything you need to make a command-line connection to Hercules with your Mac is built in to your Terminal program.

  1. Under Spotlight
  2. Type terminal
  3. Click on application Terminal
  4. Type ssh
  5. If you have troubles with programs like Pico, type setenv TERM xterm then try again.

Use Cyberduck to Transfer Files To and From Hercules

It is possible, but difficult, to send files to and from a UNIX server using command-line instructions. To make it easier, you can install a tool with a graphical user interface. Cyberduck is really easy to use.


There's no easy way to print directly from Hercules to a Mac. TeraPrint doesn't work. You'll have to use Cyberduck to transfer the files then print them. Sorry.