Hercules Account

Hercules is the name of a computer designated to serving students who are taking Computer Science classes. Each eligiable student will receive a Hercules account so that he/she can logon to the Hercules computer. The account is only given to the student who is taking CS classes. The Hercules account name for a student is usually the same as the Hyperion account name. It is easy to remember, but the passwords are different at the beginning. You may change the passwords for two accounts to the same one. However, they are separate accounts on separate computers and therefore have separate passwords.
The Hercules account sheets are usually handed out to students in the first lab.

You will need a Hercules account to do the following:
  1. To access hercules in CL135.4, write and store your C++ programs
  2. To write, compile, run, and store your C++ programs in hercules
  3. To access hercules on campus.
  4. To access hercules computer from home PC

To logon to Hercules from PC Windows environment, check on the PuTTY logo on the desktop.

Remember to logout from Hercules when you leave the lab computer.

When you are done, always remember to logout, just type exit.

How to compile a C++ program on hercules