Hyperion Account

Every student at University of Regina recieves a computer account in the computer system called HYPERION. This account is available for a student as long as he/she is a student at the University.

You will need the Hyperion account to do the following:

To find your Hyperion Account, change your Hyperion password, or enable printing in computer labs on campus,
you can select one of the following:
  1. Find Username and Password, or
  2. Change Password, or
  3. Enable Printing
from the web page Information Services - Student Support to acomplish the task.

Once you have got your Hyperion account username and password, you can use WebMail that is the official communication tool on campus.

Check your email regularly.
Your class and lab instructors will send you the class and lab related information through email. For example, the midterm date, lecture notes, and lab test reminder will be sent by email.
Click this link to check your email.