Using Telnet program to logon to Hercules computer

This is the icon which allows you to create a connection from a PC to a remote system such as Hercules. Hercules is a Silicon Graphics computer running a UNIX operating system.

Double click the Telnet icon to start up the Telnet connection program. When the startup dialog box appears,

make sure SSH (Secure Shell) is checked and select the Hercules host name from the dropdown menu and then press OK.

You need to complete a logon process which means that you have to type in your hercules username in the User name box and then your hercules password in the Passphrase box. You can find your hercules user name and password on the printed account sheet distributed in your class or lab. Then select OK to login/connect to hercules.

At this point you will see some general messages for hercules users and then should have a prompt that looks like "hercules[1]%". This is the command line prompt where you could type in UNIX shell commands.

The following picture shows you the screen with a few Unix commands.

Keep in mind that you are now operating in a UNIX enviornment and must use UNIX commands to operate here. When finishing using UNIX, be sure to logout from the system. You can simply type logout to log off the system and close the connection.

Copyright: Department of Computer Science, University of Regina.