CS110 Programming and Problem Solving
Lab Outline (Winter 2019)

Lab Schedule

Modified: Friday December 28, 2018
Today is: Tuesday July 16, 2019

First Day Lab Handout | ScreenShot, Xcode, Visual Studio on Mac | Mac Survivor Guide

Week of Lab Contents and Schedule
(Subject to change by the class instructor.)
Jan. 14
Introduction to C++ in Visual Studio and Unix Operating System

Calculate π to 100,000+ digits

Jan. 21
C++ Program Structure, Simple IO, and Primitive Data Types

Use the Debugger to understand the Caesar Cipher

Jan. 28
IO Manipulators, get() and getline() functions


Feb. 4
File IO and String Processing


Feb. 11
Selection Control Structures

Complete an interactive bouncing ball program.

Feb. 18
Winter Break - No Lab This Week!
Feb. 25
Conditional and Iterative Control Structures

Write a program to track account balance in an online music store.

Mar. 4
Additional Control Structures

Write a program to calculate the pH level of a solution

Mar. 11
Basic Functions

Play and explore the flying pumpkins game. Based on a past CS110 assignment!

Mar. 18
Advanced Functions

Write a program to calculate Metabolic Power using C++

Mar. 25
One Dimensional Arrays

Write a program based on how Web Search programs work!

Apr. 1
11 Lab Test

2 hours, comprehensive, closed book.

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In Brief: Start UltraVNC Viewer
Machine: cl1354-inst

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