Write your own C++ program first.cpp
Analyze the C++ program lab2.cpp

Use pico to write your own C++ program called first.cpp which will print out the following message:

This is my first C++ program.

What you should do:

1. Use pico editor to create the text file first.cpp. Refer to Exercise 2, please do not use copy and paste.

2. Compile your program first.cpp when it is done.

3. Run your program if the compilation has been passed.

4. Use script command to capture your

  • your username
  • Your directory structure
  • YOur C++ program,
  • compilation and run
and save them all in a file called first.doc.

5. Show your lab instructor first.doc when you are ready.

If you forget the script procedure, refer to Using Script Command link.

6. The command TeraPrint can be used to print out both
(This step is not necessary for lab exercises, but you need to know how to print these files for your class assignments.)


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