Save files on Hercules

When you finish your C++ programs on Visual Studio, you can save your programs on Hercules account. There are a few steps to do this.

  1. Find WinSCP program on the desktop.

  2. Double click on it, you will see the following window. Double click on Hercules.

  3. Fill in your Hercules username and password information, then click on login button.

  4. Choose the file from the left-hand side (Local PC), then transfer over to the right-hand side (remote Hercules account) by double click on the filename.

    For example, we want to transfer case1.cpp from the left-hand side to Hercules account, we would double click on case1.cpp. Your lab instructor will guide you through an example.

  5. When you are done, make sure to click on the disconnect button.
  6. Download Winscp program