Object-Oriented Design
Lab Outline (Winter 2010)


Class Instructor:
Dr. Robert J. Hilderman
Lab Instructor:
Sadra Abedinzadeh
Office Hours
CL 122

Lab Schedule
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Current Date: 05-24-2019
Lab Week of: Contents
(Subject to change by the class instructor.)
1 Jan. 11th Introduction to Linux, editing, and compiling C++.
2 Jan. 18th 2-D Arrays with Functions
3 Jan. 25th C++ Structures
4 Feb. 1st Introduction to Abstract Data Types
5 Feb. 8th Searching and Sorting
Feb. 15th ****No Labs This Week!****
6 Feb. 22nd Organizing information:
Unix commands
7 Mar. 1st GDB and the String Class
8 Mar. 8th Inheritance
9 Mar. 15th Introduction to C++ Pointers
10 Mar. 22nd Simple Linked Lists
11 Mar. 29th C++ Overloading
12 Apr. 5th Lab Test

You should read the materials before you come to the corresponding labs.
We will highlight the major points at the beginning of each lab and move on from there. There are lab exercises for each week to help you master the topic presented in that week.
Notice that there is a lab test at the end of the semester to evaluate how much you have learned.

The lab booked for CS115 is CL122 which runs the Linux operating system on the PC's in that room. C++ is the programming language used for the CS115 course. C++ can be run under Linux or under your Unix Hercules account either in our labs or from your home computer if you have Internet Service.

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     Home of "Teraterm Terminal Emulation Program".
     Home of WinSCP Program (replaced FTP).
CS Dept PC Software Home of "PuTTY Terminal Emulation Program."
Change CS Password Web site to change your Hercules password.
Computing Services Web Services Student Information Page. University site for Hyperion userIDs and passwords, and enabling printing in labs.
CL122 CL 122 Laboratory Schedule
CL119 Office Hours Schedule.
Cprogramming.com A resource center for C++ Programming.
cplusplus.com "Complete C++ language tutorial"

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