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Dr. Howard J Hamilton's
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Nova Scheidt

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CL 115

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Updated August 20, 2013

Lab Week of Contents
(Subject to Change by the Class Instructor)
1  Sept. 9 Introduction to Linux, editing, and compiling C++
2 Sept. 16 2-D Arrays with Functions
3 Sept. 23 C++ Structures
4 Sept. 30 Introduction to Abstract Data Types
5  Oct. 7 Convert a Structure to a Class
6 Oct. 14 Searching and Sorting
7 Oct. 21 C++ Overloading
8 Oct. 28 Inheritance
9  Nov.4 Introduction to C++ Pointers
10 Nov. 11 Linked Lists
11 Nov. 18 Function and Class Templates
12 Nov. 25 Lab Test

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