CS170 Compile Lab Exercise

Programming Exercise

The program you will work with is a simple one, but it is spread out over several files. i.e. Calculatr.cpp DoMenu.cpp GetOperands.cpp AddNums.cpp ModNums.cpp Expon.cpp and finally Calculatr.h The idea is that the main function, Calculatr.cpp, is the controller for a simple calculator. Each of the functions for the calculater - add, subtract, and so on - are in separate files. Only two functions, Add and Modulus, are complete at the moment. Your goal for this exercise will be to build the entire calculator.

To make this easier to work with, create a directory for the files by entering something like: mkdir CalculatrPgm - you can chose whatever directory name you like, and put it wherever you like in your Hercules disk space. These instructions will use the directory name CalculatrPgm

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