Transfer the classorg.cpp grader.cpp grader.h Makefile files from the CS Dept's anonymous ftp site to your Hercules account space. Do that by:
  1. Entering the commands:
     cp /net/data/ftp/pub/class/170/ftp/cpp/Classes/classorg.cpp classorg.cpp
     cp /net/data/ftp/pub/class/170/ftp/cpp/Classes/grader.cpp grader.cpp
     cp /net/data/ftp/pub/class/170/ftp/cpp/Classes/grader.h grader.h
     cp /net/data/ftp/pub/class/170/ftp/cpp/Makefile Makefile
  2. OR, by using the command line FTP program using this information:
       The path: pub/class/170/ftp/cpp/Classes
       The files: classorg.cpp, grader.h, grader.cpp

I have included the generic Makefile from last lab. Click here to get instructions.

Exercise 1

The purpose of this exercise is to illustrate the files associated with classes and header files.
These files will regulate the information in the class instances of "Grader".

Exercise 2

The purpose of this exercise is to practice implementing and using ADT operations. For this exercise you will create a new report operation called getID, and a constructor/destructor pair for the Grader implementation.
  1. getID
  2. Constructor
  3. Destructor