CS201 Lab: Run MIPS Assymbly Language with PIC32 Starter kit

Objective of this lab:

	In this lab assignment, you are going to practice 
	implementing procedure calls in SPIM. 


	Read lab lecture notes.

Lab Assignment

1. Practice by running the SUM program:

2. Programming:

Write a SPIM assembly language program num-vowel.s based on the hardware implementation method in the lab notes and the above practice.
The program will do the following:
  1. Prompt the user to enter a string.
  2. The program will call the procedure vowelp to check if a character entered in the string is a vowel or not.
  3. Count how many vowels and how many non-vowels are in the string.
  4. Print out the calculated results with appropriate message.
  5. Hint: A loop is needed.

You will run this program in the hardware and
show your testing result with input "Hello There!"

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