CS201 Lab: Combinational Design

Objective of this lab:

	To verify combinational design procedures by testing designed circuits.


	Read lab lecture notes which contains the Combinational Design Procedure.

Lab Assignments

  1. Design an elevator floor indicator:

    Mr. Smith, multimillionaire lanlord, is renovating an eight story condo in downtown Regina. The building is epuiped with an ancient elevator that uses a mechanical system to indicate which floor it's currently on. He would like to add a simple indicator panel to the inside of the elevator that indicates the current floor by turning on one of the eight lights. Three switches attached to the exterior of the elevator will be used to encode the elevator's position in the lift way. Design a circuit to implement it in LogicWorks.


  2. Design a circuit which will control LED segment "c" of a 7-Segment display. Hand-In

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