Open Labs - Character Animator & Premiere Pro


  1. Open Lab
  2. Submission and Marking


1. Open Lab

This is will be the third and fourth "Open Lab" of the semester. You can combine combine these two labs together to create something "bigger" or you can do two "smaller" project. In case you are stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions:

The following ideas would count as ONE lab. You would have to complete TWO of these from the list.

  1. Using video footage from an open source site, create an advertisement using Premiere Pro. The length of the video should be between 15 - 30 seconds long.
  2. Using found video footage (like the stop-motion clip provided from last week's lab materials), create an entertaining 1.5 to 3 minute long movie (or music video). If you use music that is not open-source, you will not be able to upload your video to YouTube (you will have to give your lab instructor a copy of the .mp4.
  3. Design your own character (from Scratch) in Character Animator and record 15-30 seconds of animation in Character Animator. The following resources might be useful:
  4. Deliverables:
  5. Add a background scene and a second character to your existing Character animator project. This character can be an existing puppet.
  6. Deliverables:
  7. Add two particles and/or physics to your Character animator project (For instance, snow and a ball bouncing around). This video may be useful:
  8. Deliverables:

Note, for the last and final lab, which you will complete in the lab time, the learning journal entry will be optional (aside from a YouTube Link to your finished video).

The following would count as TWO or THREE labs:

  1. Add a Character Animator puppet into live footage that you've collected. The idea is that this character can be an "actor" in a approximately 1 minute video.
    The following might be useful to import your character into Premiere Pro with a transparent background:
    Deliverable One(delivered to your lab instructor on a jump drive at the beginning of the lab): Deliverable Two Deliverable Three
  2. Create your own 1 to 1.5 minute long movie (or music video) using footage that you have collected
    Deliverable One (delivered to your lab instructor on a jump drive at the beginning of the lab): Deliverable Two
  3. Create your own 1 to 1.5 minute long movie using existing footage. For instance, you might have footage from your sister's wedding that you would like to compile into a "memory video"
  4. Deliverable One (delivered to your lab instructor on a jump drive at the beginning of the lab): Deliverable Two

The above are just suggestions. If you feel inspired to do something in Premiere Pro, Character Animator, or After Effects, then let me know what you would like to explore. The results of these labs, however, should be a video completed using one of these Adobe products. Please do not be too ambitious. The deliverable of each lab should be no more than 1 minute of video. If you intend to do 2 or 3 minutes that of final video, then plan to submit half of the final video in one lab and the remainder in the second lab.

2. Submission and Marking

2.1 Submission

An entry in your Adobe Spark Page learning journal. This page will contain weekly entries for each of the CS205 labs. The deadline is the start time of your following week's lab.

Your learning journal for this week should contain:

  1. A heading for Labs 9 and 10 and a brief description of what tool was used and what you did.
  2. Please include a screen shot of your work environment (use Command-Shift-4 and space on a mac to take a snapshot of your environment).
  3. A learning journal entry which might contain any or all of the following: a description of what you've learned, challenges faced, any YouTube videos or tutorials that you found useful, any credits for content that you got from "open source", and anything that you might want to remember about what you've done for the future. If you watched any one of the Jason Levine videos, please make sure to include at least five things that you learned from his video.

Don't forget to detail what you've learned in your journal!!!

2.2 Mark Distribution