Building Interactive Gadgets
Lab Outline (Fall 2019)

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Lab Schedule
Last Updated: 08-30-2019
Current Date: 12-06-2019
Lab Dates Contents
(Subject to change by the class/lab instructor)
1 S.6 Introduction to the UDML and Arduino
S.9 S.11 S.12
2 S.13 Blinker
S.16 S.18 S.19 Lab Instructor's Oral Surgery
3 S.23 S.25 S.26 S.27 Button
4 S.30 O.2 O.3 O.4 Potentiometer and Sensors
5 O.7 O.9 O.11 O.12 Motors
--- Thanksgiving Holiday Thanksgiving!!
6 O.21 O.23 O.24 O.25 Servos
7 O.28 O.30 O.31 N.1 8 LEDs
8 N.4 Fall Break Shift Registers
Remembrance Day Holiday N.13 N.14 N.15
9 N.18 N.20 N.21 N.22 Light and Sound Show
--- Break to work on project and study for lab test.
10 D.2 D.4 D.5 D.6 Lab Test - Test information and study guide posted in Schoology


Lab Related Resources
Resource Links Description
ARDX Manual Solarbotics ARDX Manual Very Useful - contains clickable links and the missing colours from your printed manual.
Official Arduino Learning Resources You should know what is here, especially the Language Reference. There are examples for beginners, and advanced programmers can quickly learn the Arduino specific additions to C++.
Arduino IDE
(Arduino Software)

Official Download Page

Lab Version: Arduino 1.8.6 (release notes):

These labs have been tested with Arduino IDE version 1.8.5. This release was the current one in September 2017. No breaking changes have been announced since. If you notice that something doesn't work on the new version, 1.8.6, please notify the lab instructor.

Feel free to try newer versions if they become available. If you have trouble with a lab while using a newer Arduino IDE, contact your lab instructor with the number of the version you were using. Do not expect an immediate resolution to problems that stem from changes to the IDE.


Official Download Page

Lab Version: Fritzing 0.9.3b

Custom Parts: coming soon

Frizing was used to make circuit diagrams and breadboard layouts for the lab notes. Some custom parts were designed for the lab notes. These may be made available to you later in the semester.

You may be asked to use it to produce similar diagrams and layouts for assignments.