CS210 Lab Information

Lab Related Information:

  1. Lab is complementary to the classroom teaching. Lab emphasizes on practical hands-on experience.
  2. Lab material is online: CS210 Lab Material. Please read the corresponding lab material before coming to the lab.
  3. For the situation of a late submission or submissions in the wrong lab section without a valid reason, you will lose marks.
  4. If you cannot attend your regular lab section due to illness, interviews, funerals, etc, let your lab instructor know prior to (or the day of) the lab. Arrangements can be made.
  5. Marking Scheme for Weekly in-lab Activities in the Semester:
        Punctual Attendance        -    1  mark
        In-lab Performance         -    4  marks
        Total Mark for each lab    -    5  marks
  6. We encourage group interactions, but expect that each person will be able to explain how they obtained the results for an exercise independently.