CS210 Lab: Introduction to Visual C++
Packing Your Assignment

The following will assist you in bundling up your assignments when you submit them to be marked.
  1. First, clean up the project.

    Select Build --> Clean Solution from the main menu.

    This removes extra files, in particular the executable file which takes up a considerable amount of space.

    Consider the following table of a small project (lab1):

    Before clean approx 1.3 MB
    After clean approx 42 KB

  2. Close the project in Visual Studio .NET.

    It is a good practice to do this. Otherwise, you may get errors when you try Step 3 because things are open and active.

    To close the project, select File --> Close Solution from the main menu

  3. Zip the project.

    First, find the file in the directory structure. For instance, it may be "I:\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects"

    Then right click on the directory containing your project and select from the pop-up menu:
    Send To --> Compressed (zipped) Folder

    This creates a nice, tight package to send to your marker. The zip file (here lab1.zip) contains all the files in the lab1 directory in a compressed format. lab1.zip looks like one file, but it actually contains all the files from your lab1 project. The main advantage of using zip files is that it makes copying and transporting these files faster.

    Consider the below size comparison:

    lab1 directory (cleaned) approx 42 KB
    lab1.zip approx 5 KB

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