Linux Tips

If Students See a Black Screen When They Remotely Connect to the Instructor Machine

Restart the instructor machine. It probably means that the students are connecting to the previous instructor who forgot to logout.

If Students Can’t Run Firefox Because of a Profile Error

It means there are some dot files that need to be updated. Remove the .mozilla and .cache directory using the following commands

    cd				  To change to the home directory
    rm -r .mozilla		  To remove the .mozilla directory
    rm -r .cache		  To remove the .cache directory

When Students Exceed Quota

You can check quota usage on Putty with:

	quota -v		 First number shows used amount, second number shows allowed amount
	du -sh * .??*		 Shows directory or file with a high number. Use again inside directories.

Files to remove (using rm) are:

Or in CL115 you can press CTRL+ALT+F5 to get a command line login. Logout when you are done, then press CTRL+ALT+F1 to get a GUI login.

If you are going to drag the files into the trash, please also empty the trash!