Three Types of Style Sheet

There are three types of style sheets

  1. local styles
  2. internal styles
  3. external styles

Local Styles

These styles are written inside of the tag itself. For example:

   <p style="background-color: #dddddd; border:thin dotted #AAAAAA">
     This is a local style</p>

Results in:

This is a local style

Any tag can be modified with a local style

Internal Styles

These styles are specified in the head of the HTML document. To get the same results as above, we could write the following

<title>Internal Styles</title>
   .special { 
              background-color: #DDDDDD;
              border:thin dotted #AAAAAA;

  <p class="special">This is an internal style</p>

External Style Sheets

Once you've caught onto the idea of internal style sheets, external style sheets are very close to the same.

Table to Add Style

Topic w3schools Link Brief Description
Text color, alignment, decoration (ie. underlining or strikethrough), and indentation
Fonts font-family, style (like italics), and size
Border style (ie. dotted or dashed), width, and color
Align centering and left/right aligning block elements