CS215 − Web Oriented Programming

Submission Instructions and Information on Marking

Submitting Your Lab Assignments in Two Steps

There are two steps to submitting your lab assignments.

Step 1: Submit to UR Courses

Create a Your_username.zip (not .rar, not .tar) file for all your work, which includes

  1. all the *.html files that relate to the current lab assignment
  2. a URL.txt file that contains the URL of your personal web site, for example:


You will lose marks if you submit any files that are not related to the current lab assignment.

Step 2: Publishing on Hercules

CS215 labs submission deadline:

Please check URcourses for detailed submission deadline.

Late submissions will not be accepted. If adequate reasons are provided to the course instructor, the grades for an unsubmitted lab will be moved to the final exam.

Any requests regarding late lab assignment submission must be sent to the course instructor within one week after the lab was due. Do not send such request to the lab instructor, since such decisions are to be made by the course instructor.

Information on Marking


Each lab assignment is 5 marks based on the following criteria:

You are encouraged to discuss the lab materail with your classmates, but you have to explain your code.

Punctual Attendance    1
Excellent              4 
Satisfactory          3/2
Poor                   1
Unsatisfactory         0
Total:                 5