CS215 − Web and Database Programming

Fall 2017 Lab Outline

Lab Schedule ( Updated: 09-21-2017 - Today: 11-19-2017 )

Lab Week of Contents
(Subject to change by the class instructor.)
1 Sept. 13-15 Lab Environment and HTML
2 Sept. 20-22 CSS Fundamentals
3 Sept. 27-29 HTML5 and CSS3
4 Oct. 4 - 6 JavaScript Fundmentals
5 Oct. 11-13 JavaScript and DOM
6 Oct. 18-20 JavaScript DOM2 Event Specification
7 Oct. 25-27 Data Modeling and ERD
8 Nov. 1-3 MySQL Database Design
9 Nov. 8-10 PHP Fundamentals
10 Nov. 15-17 PHP and MySQL
11 Nov. 22-24 AJAX Fundamentals
12 Nov. 29 - Dec.1 Advanced AJAX

Other References

Link Description
Eclipse PDT 5 All in Ones The Eclipse PHP Development Tools project (PDT)
UR Configured Software Suite
Computing Services link for software.
     Home of "PuTTY Terminal Emulation Program".
     Home of WinSCP Program (replaced FTP).
Access Netstorage This provides access to your files saved on Novell.
Change CS Password Web site to change your Hercules password.
University of Regina Computing Services University site for Hyperion userIDs and passwords, and enabling printing in labs.