Blinking Lights

Objective of this lab:

	To explore STM32 value line Discovery Board  peripheral devices.


	Read lab lecture notes.

Lab Assignment

Assignment: To be marked in lab


Given Program:

; GPIO Test program - Dave Duguid, 2011

; Adapted by Guili Liu in November, 2014

;;; Directives

;;; Equates

INITIAL_MSP	EQU		0x20001000	; Initial Main Stack Pointer Value

;The onboard LEDS are on port C bits 8 and 9
;PORT C GPIO - Base Addr: 0x40011000
;GPIOC_CRL	EQU		0x40011000	; (0x00) Port Configuration Register for Px7 -> Px0
GPIOC_CRH	EQU		0x40011004	; (0x04) Port Configuration Register for Px15 -> Px8
;GPIOC_IDR	EQU		0x40011008	; (0x08) Port Input Data Register
GPIOC_ODR	EQU		0x4001100C	; (0x0C) Port Output Data Register
GPIOC_BSRR	EQU		0x40011010	; (0x10) Port Bit Set/Reset Register
;GPIOC_BRR	EQU		0x40011014	; (0x14) Port Bit Reset Register
;GPIOC_LCKR	EQU		0x40011018	; (0x18) Port Configuration Lock Register

;Registers for configuring and enabling the clocks
;RCC Registers - Base Addr: 0x40021000,    RCC stands for Reset and Colock Control
;RCC_CR		EQU		0x40021000	; Clock Control Register
;RCC_CFGR	EQU		0x40021004	; Clock Configuration Register
;RCC_CIR	EQU		0x40021008	; Clock Interrupt Register
;RCC_APB2RSTR	EQU		0x4002100C	; APB2 Peripheral Reset Register
;RCC_APB1RSTR	EQU		0x40021010	; APB1 Peripheral Reset Register
;RCC_AHBENR	EQU		0x40021014	; AHB Peripheral Clock Enable Register
RCC_APB2ENR	EQU		0x40021018	; APB2 Peripheral Clock Enable Register
;RCC_APB1ENR	EQU		0x4002101C	; APB1 Peripheral Clock Enable Register
;RCC_BDCR	EQU		0x40021020	; Backup Domain Control Register
;RCC_CSR	EQU		0x40021024	; Control/Status Register
;RCC_CFGR2	EQU		0x4002102C	; Clock Configuration Register 2

; Times for delay routines
DELAYTIME	EQU		1600000		; (200 ms/24MHz PLL)
;DELAYTIME	EQU		160000		; (20 ms/24MHz PLL)
;DELAYTIME	EQU		16000		; (2 ms/24MHz PLL)
;DELAYTIME	EQU		800000		; (100 ms/24MHz PLL)
;DELAYTIME	EQU		80000		; (10 ms/24MHz PLL)
;DELAYTIME	EQU		8000		; (1 ms/24MHz PLL)

; Vector Table Mapped to Address 0 at Reset
            AREA    RESET, Data, READONLY
            EXPORT  __Vectors

__Vectors	DCD		INITIAL_MSP	; stack pointer value when stack is empty
        	DCD		Reset_Handler	; reset vector
			EXPORT	Reset_Handler


		;; Enable peripheral clocks for various ports and subsystems
		; Bit 4: Port C, Bit 3: Port B, Bit 2: Port A
		ldr	R6, = RCC_APB2ENR	; R6 is pointer to register
		mov	R0, #0x001C		; Turn on clocks for Ports A through C
		str	R0, [R6]

		;; Set the config and mode bits for Port C bit 9/8 so they will
		;; be push-pull outputs (up to 50 MHz)

		ldr	R6, = GPIOC_CRH
		ldr	R0, = 0x44444433    ; CNF: 00, Mode: 11
		str	R0, [R6]

		;; Load R2 and R3 with the "on" and "off" constants
		mov	R2, #0x0100         ; PC8 on (STM DISCOVERY)

		ldr	R6, = GPIOC_ODR    ;  point to Port C output data register
		str	R2, [R6]           ;  Set PC8 only, turn on BLUE LED
		;  To complete the lab assignment,
		;  1. wirte code to call a delay function so that people can see the BLUE LED
		;  2. write code to turn on GREEN LED and meanwhile turn off the BLUE LED
		;  3. wirte code to call a delay function so that people can see the GREEN LED

		b	main

delay		PROC
		;  4. Complete the delay function



Copyright: Department of Computer Science, University of Regina.