Learn an 8-Bit CPU

1. Purpose

CPU is the most important part of a computer. It is controlled by a series of small operations called microoperations. You have got a feel in the last lab with a one-bit and a two-bit CPU. In this lab, we will look at an 8-bit CPU and see how it works.

2. Explanations:

  1. The difference between absolute vs immediate addressing
  2. Students should copy the file: ~ftp/pub/class/301/8bitcpu.cct.
    This circuit is simply an extension of what they have already done.
    Notice the similarities e.g. temp, accumulator, IR, B and C registers, and the external input.
  3. Notice the differences, for example, the memory has a memory address register,
    there is a decoder associated with the ALU, and there is a PC and an adder to produce a PC+1 value.


Many devices may be connected to a common bus by using tri-state buffers. 

4. Lab Assignments

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