Digital Systems Architecture

Lab Outline for Summer 2018


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Lab Schedule

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Week of Lab Contents
(Subject to change as needed.)
July 10 1 Review LogicWorks 5
Create adder, subtractor, shift register devices and design a multiplier
Lab Assignment 1
July 17 2a Introduction to ARM Assembly Language and Keil uVision 5 Lab Assignment 2a
July 17 2b ARM Data Processing Instructions - Arithmatic Operations Lab Assignment 2b
July 24 3a Build a 2-Bit CPU Lab Assignment 3a
July 24 3b Learn an 8-Bit CPU Lab Assignment 3b
July 31 4a ARM Flow Control Instructions Lab Assignment 4a
July 31 4b ARM Addressing Modes Lab Assignment 4b
August 7 5 ARM Subroutine Call/Return, and Stack Lab Assignment 5
August 14 6a Blinking Lights Lab Assignment 6a
August 14 6b Using Pushbuttons Lab Assignment 6b

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