CS 305 Lab 1: Introduction to Lyx

Highlights of this lab:

Lyx on the Mac

Lyx is an open source, multi-platform software application for word processing tasks that, generally, works well on most operating systems. In this part of the lab, we will install lyx on the Mac systems in the UDML (There was a bit of a hicup when installing it the first time ;-)

What is Lyx?

Lyx is a document processing system and a front-end for latex (if you are unsure what latex is, don't worry....). Lyx attempts to aid users in developing documents, e.g. according to the Lyx website, it is great for creating book-type documents. Lyx provides users with a WYSIWYG editor...now, I know what ou are thinking....aren't all document editors WYSIWYG....well, in short, no. Sure there exist document editors such as Microsoft Word or Open Office, etc....Lyx, however, attempts to make it easy to develop nicer looking documents.

Like previously mentioned, Lyx is a front-end for latex. In brief. latex is a kind of programming language for document editing. It provides users with great control over the look and feel of their documents. Since learning a document programming language sounds about as fun as going to the dentist or if you like going to the dentist, let's see....hmmm, ok, sounds about as much fun as watching Canadian Idol (ewwwww), Lyx was developed to aid users in harnessing the power of latex, while enabling the user to not loose all of their hair in the process.

In-lab Software Overview

In this section, I will provide a brief demo of what Lyx can do. So, what are you waiting for? To open Lyx, click on the icon!

Lyx Wiki and Tutorial

Lyx has a fairly strong user community. Over the course of the semester, you may wish to contact the user community or simply browse the available documents and forum topics. To aid you in your process of learning and understanding Lyx, I have downloaded 2 documents of which I wish you to read to make yourself more familair with the software.

Lab Assignment

For this weeks lab assignment I would like you to read the 2 Lyx documents provided above. As well, I would like you to create a short bio of yourself using Lyx (1 page max!!). In this bio I would like you to have:

You must submit both .lyx and .pdf files and any other files (pictures used, etc). The assignment is due before your lab next week. Have fun!