CS 305: Interaction Design

Highlights of this lab:

  • What is Interaction Design
  • Metaphor Analysis
  • Interaction Scenarios
  • Assignment (In your groups)

:: What is Interaction Design ::

The fundamental goal of interaction design is to relate exactly how the end-user manipulates and interacts with the objects (hyperlinks, icons, etc.) on the interface. Interaction design focuses on the gulf of execution. Let us look at the following graphic of Norman's gulfs:

Recall, the gulf of execution sees the user form a system goal (insert table), develop an action plan (find and click table icon), and execute (click on the icon and enter in table data with mouse and keyboard).

:: Metaphor Analysis ::

Again, this is slightly different then the metaphor analysis done previously. Here, we have interctions followed by ideas. For example:

:: Interaction Scenarios ::

Interaction scenarios describe what the user actually does, physically (moves the mouse to the upper right-hand corner of the application screen), and with what tools (keyboard, mouse clicks, voice, etc). They build on the problem, activity, and information scenarios, using the same actors and activities, etc.

:: Group Assignment ::

For this weeks assignment, I would like you to complete a metaphor analysis, create interaction scenarios related to your group's task, and also complete a claims analysis This is to be a group assignment, but everyone should submit something on web-ct (it should be the same document).

This assignment is due before your next lab. We will be using this assignment as part of your next lab. Please submit your assignment on web-ct before the start of your next lab.

:: References ::