CS 305: Rapid Application Development and Documentation

Highlights of this lab:

  • A Brief Glimpse of the RAD tool C++ .Net
  • What is Documentation
  • Assignment (In your groups)

:: A Brief Glimpse of the RAD tool C++ .Net ::

There are many RAD tools available for our use; tools that enable a quick and dirty, but efficient and perhaps effective, means of software design and implementation. Such tools include Java NetBeans (this is quite good and in recent versions, has made leaps and bounds in providing a usable (wrt to us, the designer) RAD tool, wxWidgets - an open source GUI editing/construction/etc library that is quite cool (I used wxWidgets for elements of my masters thesis!....however, I would not recommend using it as it is harder than need be....and that is just concerning installing it!!!, Apple's XCode (Apple only apps) and Microsoft Visual Studio .Net (Windows only apps).

Becuase we uregina students get free access (and downloads via the MSDNAA) I figured I would briefly show you folks Microsoft's Visual Studio suite, specifically, we are going to look at creating a windows forms application using the c++ .net framework.

This portion of the lab will be an interactive demo of MS VC++ .Net. It's new to me but I think it may easily be one of the quickest ways of constructing a Windows application....and, hoepfully, may help you out in developing your own projects. Please note that you do not need to use MS VC++ .net for your projects...I just would like to tell you that hey, it's there for you all to use....

In the lab, we will be looking at:

This will be the first portion of the lab. For the second part of the lab, we will finish off your design ideas for lyx by discussing "documentation"

:: What is Documentation ::

Documentation can mean a lot of things. It could mean comments in your programming code, a certificate of some sorts, report card, etc. The course text goes into the different kinds of documentation in some detail, perhaps a little more than they really should. Nonetheless, for all purposes concerning us, documentation here and now refers to an information repository of how to use a system. In terms of your project this semester, let us consider documentation pertaining to each of your group's individual tasks.

We have already done some documentation. The scenarios you have been developing and claims analyses are a form of docuemntation. However, I would like to specifically look at one form of documentation here, the help manual.

:: Group Assignment ::

For this weeks assignment, I would like you to complete a user "help/tutorial" documentation This is to be a group assignment, but everyone should submit something on web-ct (it should be the same document). You will need to hand in:

I would also like you to look at and discuss (individual) (0.5%):

This assignment is due on Nov 30 at 11:00am.

Thanks for this semester! I had lots of fun, hope you did too!

:: References ::