CS 305: Requirements Analysis II

Highlights of this lab:

  • Claims Analysis
  • In-Lab Activity
  • Assignment (In your groups)

:: Claims Analysis ::

According to the book by Rosson and Carroll (your course text book), "scenario writing is always interleaved with claims analysis." Claims analysis is a crucial component of the scenario-based evaluation process. Claims analysis:

Below is an example of what the claims analysis may look like based on the problem scenario I developed in the last lab (as an example):

Jane is a first year biology student who needs to upload her first bio100 assignment on web-ct. She logs into her web-ct account and tries to find the place where she can upload her assignment. Jane notices that her bio100 class is listed in the "available courses" section so she clicks on the link and is taken to the bio100 homepage. From here, Jane notices the "Assignments" icon, clicks on it and finds a link titled "Assignment 1." She is still unsure where to submit the assignment..."where should I submit?", she asks. "There is no "submit assignment" button anywhere." After playing around, Jane figures out that the asssignment text is another link so she proceeds to click on the assignment link and is taken to the submission page. Following all the instructions to upload her assignment, Jane is taken back to the page that provides her with the details of her submission. Satisfied, Jane logs out of web-ct before clicking the "submit assignment" button and proceeds to do other homework. A week passes and the instructor has handed back all of the assignments. However, Jane's assignment was not handed back to her. Jane discusses this with her instructor and is unsuccessful in her attempts to satisfy her instructor that she did indeed submit her assignment.

Features Possible Pros (+) and Cons (-)
Course Link - Has to log into Web-CT to access course
+ Course link is easy to find
Assignment Link + Easily accessable
- Not clear whether users submit assignments here
Submit assignment - After uploading user has to click submission button

:: In-Lab Activity ::

Based on the scenarios we developed last lab, we are going to do a claims analysis for each...It will be great fun I assure you ;-)

:: Group Assignment ::

Last week we looked at a general overview of the requirements analysis for your project in general. This week we are going to delve further into your project by specifically developing the requirments analysis phase specific to the theme that was assigned to each of your groups.

For this weeks assignment, I would like you to develop the requirements for your course project based on your specific theme that your group was assigned. This is to be a group assignment, but everyone should submit something on web-ct (it should be the same document). I would like you to develop a document that outlines:

This assignment is due before your next lab. We will be using this assignment as part of your next lab. Please submit your assignment on web-ct before the start of your next lab.

:: References ::