Lab 2 Gallery

Below are samples of student work in previous semesters.


Winter 2015

This year all art was done in OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile on Macs and PCs with a couple exceptions where student's home computers could not provide that context.

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Winter 2013

This year all art was done in the new Core Profile style. Due to the age of the lab hardware many students were actually coding against OpenGL 2.1 using Core Profile-like coding. In most cases, the code would run unmodified. Some students, however, used features that were deprecated, such as smooth points.

Winter 2012

This year marked a transition from OpenGL 1.x based lab work to OpenGL 3.x Core Profile based lab work. For their 2D artwork, students were allowed to choose between the two.

(Core Profile)

(Core Profile)

(Core Profile)

(Core Profile with round point shader)

Winter 2011

CS 390AN

This is the first year that the OpenGL graphics lab was offered to third year students. Several prerequisites were dropped, and the class also focused on OpenGL. The designation 390AN was later changed to 315 when the class became an official part of the CS program.

Winter 2010

Large Animation

Large Animation

Large Animation

Large Animation

Large animation

CS 405

Winter 2009

Sweet Face Yellow Brick Road

Winter 2008

Cat House on a Sunny Day On Target
Polka Dot House The Astronomer