You think you know? You have no idea!

I am your typical University Student majoring in Film and Video Production. But enough about my being, lets talk about my mind.

I am somewhere in between being an Aethist and an Agnostic, so in reality, I'm looked down upon by most believers and non-believers
because I don't commit to a side. My views on humanity are synical when I'm alone but Optimistic when I'm with others.

I'm not a lot of things more than I am a lot of things. I'm not shy, not outgoing, not tortured, not content, not talented, not untalented,
not specific, not to general.

I generally like to write things that leave a wierd taste in peoples eyes, I also love synesthesia.

The 70% of water that I am made of proably came from a really really clean golden toilet.

I also love World of Warcraft, I have a lvl 70 dwarf priest and a lvl 70 Undead Warlock and am working on an Orc Shaman.