Extracting Frames Using Avidemux

If you are at home (on a Windows machine) and would like to extract frames from a movie, you can use Avidemux. The caveat here is that you need to download version 2.5.6, which is available at sourceforge

If you would like to follow along, right click here and select "Download Linked File" from the pop up menu.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Start Avidemux.

  2. Under the File menu, choose Open... and select your movie file.

  3. You might get the following dialog box. Click on the "No" button.
    Warning Dialog

  4. Your movie may be too large for the screen. If you would like to resize it, choose Zoom 1:4 or Zoom 1:2 under the View main menu.
    Adjust Size

  5. Find an interesting place in the movie from where you would like to extract frames. Write down the frame numbers that appear in the bottom left-hand side. If you are following along in the butterfly movie, a good range is from 390 to 590.

  6. When the circle is at 390 in the movie progress bar, click on the A

    Alternatively, type 390 in the Frame box and hit enter. Then, click on the "A" button
    Click on A

  7. Move the circle in the movie progress bar to 590. Then, click on the B

    Alternatively, type 590 in the Frame box and hit enter. Then, click on B
    Click on B

  8. Under the File menu, choose Save > Save Selection as JPEG Images...

  9. In the dialog box that pops up, choose a directory and type a name in the Save As: box. All the files will have that name with frame numbers appended.

If you would see a video of this instead, watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbEafZUCujc