CS 325 and Film 385: Introduction to GarageBand and iTunes

Highlights of this lab:

  • What is GarageBand and iTunes?
  • The GarageBand Environment
  • Creating Music with GarageBand
  • Exporting to iTunes
  • The iTunes Environment
  • Retrieving File Info
  • Converting Audio Files
  • Assignment

:: What is GarageBand and iTunes? ::

GarageBand "turns your Mac into an anytime, anywhere recording studio packed with hundreds of instruments and a recording engineer or two for good measure. It’s the easiest way to create, perform and record your own music whether you’re an accomplished player or just wish you were a rock star. And GarageBand is the newest member of the iLife family, so you can add your original music to your slideshows, your DVD menus, burn it to CDs or score your iMovie projects."

iTunes is "Recognized as the world’s best digital music jukebox (hmm, yes, I'd like to mention that this is right from the Apple website so bias = true!). Acclaimed as the leader against which all online music stores are judged. iTunes continues to delight, offering music lovers the easiest way to manage the music they own and the absolutely best way to discover and purchase even more music, as well as audiobooks."

Click here to listen to a song that I made (using a real guitar and some GarageBand instruments and effects)

:: The GarageBand Environment ::

Here is a picture of GarageBand's Environment:

:: Creating Music with GarageBand ::

This section will look at how to create music with GarageBand. Music can be created by manipulating the predefined audio clips that GarageBand offers as well as plugging in your own MIDI-compatable instrument and performing exactly what you want.

:: Exporting to iTunes ::

After you are done your musical masterpiece you may want to capture it so you can play it on any computer so to do this you must export your compostion to iTunes.

:: The iTunes Environment ::

Here is a diagram of the iTunes environment:

:: Retrieving File Info ::

To get your song info simply right click on the song and click on "Get Info". From here a dialog will pop up and you will have the options of:

:: Converting Audio Files ::

Converting your audio files is an important step in allowing your music to be heard by all players. To perform a file conversion it must first be set up what filetype you wish to convert your files to. To do this follow these steps:

:: Assignment ::

For this lab assignment I want you to create your own musical composition using GaregeBand. You can create your music using the UDML keyboard or the predefined audio clips or both! I'd also like you to use iTunes to convert your file to .mp3. I'd like your song to be at least 1:30 min/sec to at most 5:00 min.

Submit your .mp3 file on Web-CT (marks will be deducted if it is not in mp3 format), in the assignments folder using the link for this lab assignment. Due date is Oct. 25 at 11:00am. Have fun!

:: Online Source(s) ::