CS 325: Adobe Encore

Highlights of this lab:

  • Introduction to Encore
  • Getting Started With Encore
  • Assignment

Please download these files which we will be using as a basis for the lab today.

:: Introduction to Encore ::

Encore is a Media navigation authoring tool originally designed to simplify DVD-video authoring. Since it was first release it has been expanded to allow creation of Flash media sites and Blu-ray discs. It offers direct integration with Premiere, After-Effects, and Photoshop. While you are editing in Premiere, simply add chapter markers to your sequences and then export them to your project.

Encore offers a variety of templates to accelerate the design process. Dozens of Adobe designed menu templates allow you to create DVDs quickly for a wide variety of occasions. These can be customized or you can start from scratch and design your own templates or import images as backgrounds, etc. 

Making slideshows and matching them up to music is a breeze in Encore. Simply import some pictures, create a slideshow object and drag and drop. Then you can add transitions, sync them to music, and add randomized motion with a click of a button.

:: Getting Started With Encore ::

Attend the lab seminar for a demonstration with the lab materials, or watch these tutorial videos and try to build your own:

Note: these videos are for CS4, but still apply to CS6.

In the Lab...

:: Assignment ::

For this assignment I would like you to play around with Encore and develop a "functional" DVD interface for your favorite TV show. Google for images and create a masterpiece! Use what we did in the lab to guide you. Have a custom menu that links to a slideshow describing the different characters, add sounds, etc. Please also add a short video with chapters. If you don't have one for your show, use the one supplied in the lab materials.

Submit a "flash build". Make sure that the directory contains all the sounds, images, and clips you used. To double-check the flash build, double click on the index.html. Avoid full quality movie clips, as I may not have enough storage for them.


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