Introduction to Operating Systems
Lab Outline (Winter 2019)


Room schedule for CL115
and CL119 (for office hours)

Lab Schedule

(Updated 02-15-2019 - Today is: 07-16-2019)

Lab Day Topics and Assignments
(Subject to change by the class instructor.)
1 Jan. 11 Compiling and Debugging Asgn1
2 Jan. 18 Unix, Strings and Tokenizing Words Asgn2
3 Jan. 25 The HAL Programming Language Asgn3
4 Feb. 1 Intro to Processes, Forks & Exec Asgn4
5 Feb. 8 Intro to Shell Programming Asgn5
6 Feb. 15 System Calls for I/0 Asgn6
--- Feb. 22 Winter Break. No labs!  
7 Mar. 1 Pipes Asgn7
8 Mar. 8 Sockets Asgn8
9 Mar. 15 Threads Asgn9
10 Mar. 22 Semaphores Asgn10
11 Mar. 29 Signals Asgn11
12 Apr. 5 Process Memory Asgn12

Important Note: You are REQUIRED to use a Linux machine instead of hercules for all CS330 programs containing the fork() system call.

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Instructor Machine: 115Instructor