Lab Assignment--Compile and Debug

Part 1-Linux/Unix Commands

Follow all of the steps:
  1. start a script in your home directory
  2. (hint: script commands.log will start the script and save it to commands.log)
  3. display all of the Linux machines in CL115
  4. log onto one of the Linux machines in the list
  5. (create and) change into your cs330 directory
  6. (create and) change into your labs directory
  7. (create and) change into your lab1 directory
  8. create two new directories named weather and web
  9. change the permissions of the directory web to drwx r-x r-x using the octal form of chmod
  10. change into your weather directory
  11. without using a text editor create three files called 'today', 'tomorrow', and 'yesterday'
  12. check the permissions with ls -l
  13. change the permissions of 'yesterday' to -rwx r-- r--
  14. change the permissions of 'today' to -rw- rw- r--
  15. check the permissions with ls -l
  16. copy 'yesterday' to a file called 'yesterday.bak'
  17. create a directory named BAK
  18. move the file 'yesterday.bak' to the directory BAK and rename it 'yesterday.bak20130911'
  19. change working directory to BAK
  20. check permissions with ls -l
  21. move up one directory
  22. remove the directory BAK and its contents
  23. logout of the Linux machine (hint: exit or lo)
  24. exit from the script (hint: exit)

Part 2--Makefile Questions

Part 3--Script of Debugging


  1. Script of Part 1
  2. Makefile answers in a text document
  3. Script using the debugger