WCLM 2010


Sarah Naqvi — Math Lab Instructor — UofR

Broderick Wood — a little of everything — UofA

Dave Oster — UofS

Cary Bernath — Laboratory Coordinator (anything linux) — UofS

Jeff Deston — Windows support — UofM

Gilbert Detillieux — Senior Tech Support and Lab manager — UofM

David Duguid — Digital electronics lab instructor and tech — UofR (Engineering)

Alex Clarke — Lab Instructor — UofR

Dr. X. D. Yang — CS Dept. Head — UofR

Guili Liu — Lab Instructor — UofR

Tim Bliek — Purchasing for infrastructure and research projects — UofC

Allan Trumpour — Infrastructure CS Dept — UVic

Barrie Parker — Research and Labs — UofR(Math)

David Bocking — Computer Lab Manager - UofS

Florin Palanciuc — Technical Analyst for Science — UofR

Pat Wagner — Technical Analyst for Science — UofR

James Kraushar — MSDNAA coordinator and Programmer Analyst for Science — UofR

John Jorgenson — System admin for Laboratory for Computational Discovery — UofR

Trevor Douglas — Lab Instructor — Software Systems Engineering — UofR
Robert Jones — Lab Instructor — Industrial Systems Engineering — UofR

Who is involved in Westgrid? (John Jorgenson UofR)

Virtual Computing

Desk Orientation


Cloud Computing


Apple iPad cart


File sharing across administrative domains?

Service Courses


Windows 7


Content Management Systems

Student Integrated Development Environments

Imaging Machines

Help Desk Request Tracking

Virtual Computing Presentation from Dell