A Collection of Sample C++ Programs

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This page contains links to sample C++ programs.  This page is not intended for any particular Computer Science class, but may be helpful for anyone who is currently taking a CS course (esp. CS110, and CS170) using C++, or who is simply interested in getting started in C++.  Brief explanations will be provided for each sample program.

The sample programs are organized into the following topics.  They might not follow any logical order.:

 Hello World, Basic I/O, Variables, Constants  Program Flow  Functions
Modularity  Arrays  Formatted I/O, File I/O
 Pointers  References  Structure
 Class and Object  Inheritance  Polymorphism
 ADT Stack ADT Queue ADT List
 Templates  Exception and Error Handling Appendix

Copyright Disclaimer

The sample programs in this section of the Computer Science Department's web site, unless otherwise stated, are written by Qiang Hu.  Programs taken  from other sources are used in compliance to the copyright notices of those corresponding sources.

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