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Recently published journal papers - October 2010 (Expired)

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce two recently accepted journal papers by members of the department.

The Computational Complexity of Avoiding Spurious States in State Space Abstraction by Sandra Zilles and Robert C. Holte, Artificial Intelligence, 174(14):1072-1092, 2010.  This journal is the top one in the area of Artificial Intelligence.  Dr. Zilles is a faculty member in the department and her coauthor is from the University of Alberta. For more information, see

Game-theoretic Rough Sets by Joseph P. Herbert and JingTao Yao, Fundamenta Informaticae, to appear.  This paper introduces a new probabilistic rough set model to aid in the calculation of region thresholds using game theory.  For a list of papers related to game theory and decision-theoretic rough sets, see

For general information about the decision-theoretic rough sets, see

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