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Seminar: Max Ivanov "Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy", November 1st, 12:30 pm, CL 417 (Expired)

Department of Computer Science





SPEAKER:     Max Ivanov,


DATE:             November 1 , 2010


TIME:             12:30 pm


PLACE:          CL 417


TITLE:            Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy





Research shows that Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is effective. CBT involves helping clients learn how to identify and make changes to problematic thoughts (cognitions) and actions (behaviours).  However, no such programs are yet readily available to residents of

Canada, let alone to residents of Saskatchewan. This seminar will explore a novel Online CBT system that is being actively developed right here at University of Regina. First of its kind for North America, OnlineTherapyUSER is a significant research project that is heavily

funded by numerous government health agencies with a common goal to bring Online CBT to residents of Saskatchwan. The seminar will cover many of the issues encountered while developing the Online CBT system.  These issues include: delivering Online CBT content, data collection,  access restriction, data security, and interface design. Furthermore,

future research plans for this project include the utilization of Bayesian Networks to provide better client treatment and care.






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