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Seminar: Zane Schlosser, "Digital Sound Synthesis for Composing Electronic Music," November 5th, 12:30 pm CL 417 (Expired)

Department of Computer Science




SPEAKER:     Zane Schlosser


DATE             Friday November 5, 2010


TIME:             12:30 pm


PLACE:          CL 417


TITLE:            Digital Sound Synthesis for Composing Electronic Music




The intent of this presentation is to introduce different methods

musicians commonly use to create and compose electronic music.

Explanations will be given regarding the construction of typical

waveforms used in assorted genres of electronic music.  Technical

descriptions of electronic sound effects will be accompanied by live

synthesizer demonstrations illustrating various filters used for

emphasis and rejection of selected frequency ranges, a low frequency

oscillator for adding modulation to sounds, as well as an envelope

generator for dynamically changing the pitch, timbre, and volume

level of a generated sound.












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