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Seminar: Nikolay Kolev,"Visual Analysis of Multidimensional Data," November 19th,12:30pm, CL 417 (Expired)

Department of Computer Science




SPEAKER:     Nikolay Kolev


DATE            November 19, 2010


TIME:             12:30 pm


PLACE:          CL 417


Title:               Visual Analysis of Multidimensional Data





            Modern software applications are ever more powered by multidimensional data sets, which are a meaningful natural way to represent data in business, engineering and scientific databases.  At present, such databases can very well range into the billions of records and there is an enormous need for fast analysis.  Traditional analysis methods, such as static 2D graphs, are no longer sufficient in many areas, especially when operating under critical requirements, such as real time speed or maximum precision of the results.  In the current presentation, some more promising alternatives will be discussed: interactive visualization, 3D techniques and virtual reality, among others.  The ways to overcome the specific challenges arising in each approach will also be discussed.







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