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Seminar: Tim Sample, "CreamCheese: A Spreadsheet Interface for Constraint Solving," Wednesday, November 3, 12:30 pm CL 417 (Expired)

SPEAKER: Timothy Sample

DATE: November 3, 2010

TIME: 12:30 pm


TITLE: CreamCheese: A Spreadsheet Interface for Constraint Solving


Constraint satisfaction problems are common in everyday planning and

scheduling, and as such, interfaces into constraint solvers should be

accessible to computer users without the difficulty of learning the

programming languages and libraries that are currently used. A

spreadsheet-based interface is ideal, as it is familiar, but it also

has the complexity necessary to model problems. Furthermore, by using

a dynamic interface, algorithms that make use of dynamic changes to

the model can be used to allow the user to collaborate with the solver

in coming up with a solution in real time. I will discuss an extension

to Microsoft Excel that I have written that interprets users action

and generates a constraint satisfaction problem that can be solved by

traditional solving libraries.



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