CS news featured on University's YOURblog site (Expired)

During this week, which is CS Education Week, the University of Regina is featuring a series of postings about Computer Science on YOURblog (Your Official University of Regina blog).  Some titles being featured:

  • Zombie uprising made possible with computer science - current student Mark Laprairie
  • Students create visual clipboard for Microsoft's Adaptive Keyboard - university news reporter Shanan Sorochynski
  • New Computer Science courses to engage students campus-wide - professor David Gerhard
  • Why a Computer Science degree isn't a one-way ticket to Cubicle City - alumnus Steven Deobald
  • Professors promised e-butler, still waiting - professor Daryl Hepting
  • How mentoring became an important part of my Computer Science education - alumnus Donna Lindskog

For these stories, please see http://www2.uregina.ca/yourblog.

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