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Journal Editors - 2011 List (Expired)

Journal Editorialships


Several faculty members in the Department of Comptuer Science serve on the editorial boards of international journals.  Dr. Xuedong Yang, the head of the department, recently assembled the following list:

         Computational Intelligence (Editorial Board member, H.J. Hamilton)

         Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications (Associate Editor: B. Yang)

         International Journal of Approximate Reasoning (Editor, Y.Y. Yao)

         International Journal of Pattern Recognition (Editorial Board member, X.D. Yang)

        Journal of Intelligent Information Systems (Editorial Board member, Y.Y. Yao)

         Knowledge and Information Systems (Associate Editor, H.J. Hamilton)

         LNCS Transactions on Rough Sets (Editorial Board member, Y.Y. Yao)

         Web Intelligence and Agent systems: An International Journal (Editorial Board member, Y.Y. Yao)


Editors of Special Issues of Journals:


         Neurocomputing (Editor of a Special Issue in 2008, J.T. Yao)

         Theoretical Computer Science (Editor of a Special Issue in 2009, B. Yang)

         Journal of Combinatorial Optimization (Editor of two Special Issues in 2009, B. Yang)
         Theoretical Computer Science (Editor of a Special Issue in 2011, S. Zilles)


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