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New course offered for first time in Fall 2011 - CS 207 (Expired)

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce a new class called Building Interactive Gadgets that is being offered for the first time this Fall 2011 semester by Dr. David Gerhard. This class is geared for non-Computer Science and Computer Science majors alike. No previous experience in programming is necessary.

Around campus you may see small leds with a barcode attached to them. This barcode is called a QR code and is readable by many mobile devices. By scanning the QR code you will be taken to the website for CS 207.

CS 207 Building Interactive Gadgets

Our world is full of digital interactive gadgets, from GPS and cameras to remote controls, and garage door openers. Don't be content to buy what others have built, learn to build it yourself! Hack together digital art projects, wild interactive gizmos and sensor-driven robotic madness in CS 207: Building Interactive Gadgets.

As digital components become inexpensive and software platforms become accessible to all, a community has grown around the world: a community of makers and hackers, a community of engineers and artists. A community of people interested in how the world works and how to
create digital artifacts that work in the world.

CS 207 is an introduction to that community of people.

Instructor: Dr. David Gerhard ( )

Capacity: 48

CRN: 33472

Pre-requisite: CS 100 or CS 110 or completion of 30 credit hours

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