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Upgrades to Department Mail-Handling Computer ( (Expired)

Mail-handling for the domain has long been performed by  Over the years, the actual computer under that name has changed from time to time.  Recently, some different hardware took over the job.

The new mercury has these features:

  • Dell R310 Chassis with redundent power supplies.
  • Dual 2-core Xeon 3470 @ 2.93GHz, with Hyperthreading so system 'sees' eight CPUs.
  • 8GB memory.
  • 2 x 600GB disk in a hardware Raid 1.
  • Operating system is Scientific Linux.

This system silently took over the mail handling duties of Mercury2,
an old Sun 280R system, allowing that machine to be retired.  That
migration of services took place by attrition.


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