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Fall 2011 TAs needed (Expired)

Dear CS graduate students and undergraduate students:
The department is now accepting applications for teaching assistants for the Fall 2011 semester. We are in need of markers, lab instructors, and some tutors. If you are interested then please apply ranking your preference for each of the 3 types of position. If you are absolutely opposed to one type, then please list that too. If the thought of getting up in front of a crowd and explaining sometimes complex material in a very easy and understandable way freightens you to the point of cold sweats, then lab instruction is likely not a good fit!
We will be accepting applications for 2 weeks only, so act fast. Details can be found here. Please note that while we thank all those who apply, only those who are successful will be notified. We have approximately 10 positions (ranging in hours from 2-15/hrs per week).

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